Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Times...they are achanging!

Christmas was very different this year. First off, my brother wasn't home. He is in Iraq until April. The puppetmaster wanted the boys more this break, which is good for them, but threw off some of our plans. Christmas in our house is normally very hectic with lots of family in short amout of time. This year was very laid back. It was relaxing, but was stretched out which wasn't exactly a good thing.
I was expecting my mom to be a basketcase with my brother gone, but she was fine. My Grandma, on the other hand, caught me completely off guard. I made both my Grandma and step-Grandma a set of glass ornaments with all the last names in their family. My step-Grandfather hasn't been gone a year and my Grandfather has been gone 25 years. My step-Grandma seems to be doing quite well, but my Grandma got very upset when I gave her my gift. It was very dramatic, but ended well.

Christmas at her house was another big change, too. She moved this summer and does not have room for all of us. She rented out the community room in the basement. There is a bar, tv, couches, etc. there. It actually was a nice fit for us. Grandma tended bar for a little bit as she dished out the whiskey slush. There was a Wii to keep the big kids entertained and room for the little ones to run and not break anything of Grandma's.

Times...they are changing, which I don't always adapt well to, but good memories were made.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sticky fun....

I wanted to get together with all my friends this season and start something new....

Everyone was invited to stop by anytime in the afternoon.

There was hot chocolate, apple cider, sugar cookies to decorate, and of course I was making goodies, too.
Wasn't really a plan...just kinda wanted to hang out with everyone.
Intended on putting a Christmas movie on for kids....scratch that. I couldn't get the audio to work with the DVD player. Thank goodness for the cartoon network! Most of them ended up in Gman's room anyways or doing circles around our house, but hey there wasn't really a plan.

Here's my attempt at a gingerbread house kit.....

Thank goodness for my mother!

Here is one group shot I could get with all the kiddos before we decorated cookies. B is missing. He was not real happy that no one came that was his age...

Sticky.......but fun!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with good friends...

It has almost been a week, but that's better than my track record for posting things lately!

Last Tuesday, we celebrated Christmas with friends that have pretty much become family over the last three years...
Mary was my student teacher in the fall of 2007 and was able to take my position when I moved to the library.
She was Gman's teacher last year.
Matt is Gman's teacher this year.
I love their children as my own and I have a feeling they have a special place in their hearts for my kiddos!
I would call on these friends for anything.....

Doesn't Reese just look like she knows that these two would do anything for her?
Reese picked out a cub's clock for my hubby. He says it is going on the mantle...we shall see..

B gets to spend some quality time w/Mary at InnKeeper's & Dick Blick! I love that he is smiling!

I'd say gifts were a hit!

She cracks me up!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First hockey game...

I've been telling the boys that I would take them to a hockey game for awhile, but their dad is not a fan. However, last Saturday, the perfect opportunity arrived as my neice had to sing at the Peoria Rivermen game. The whole family went and the boys were asking when we were coming back before we even made it to the car.
Gman was still in awe and really didn't want to focus on me for this picture.
We really don't see the uncles enough.
I didn't have a good angle to take my neice's picture while they were singing, but here she is with her friend doing the cha cha slide!
Fun with family...we need to do this more often!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The weatherman said there would be a blizzard today.
He said 6-12 inches of snow.
He said freezing rain/ice.
He said blowing wind and cold temperatures.
He changed his story at 5:00 last night.
No 6-12 inches of snow....more like 3 inches.
It's COLD and BLOWING, but apparently not enough for a snow day!
Which meant I could not curl up with coffee and a good book today...

or do this...

or this w/the kids!

The weatherman is NOT on Santa's good list!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Pictures capture so many things....especially when you have been absent from blogging....