Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good news...

I should be lesson planning or going to bed, but I finally feel decent this weekend and have been keeping this secret too long!

I've known since Feb. 5th, but didn't want to tell anybody because of the miscarriage a year ago.

As you can see, though, all is good! God is fabulous!
These are actually the 2nd ultrasound pictures. Due to my gene mutation, MTHFR, we were sent to a specialist in Peoria. He said these were the best pictures he has seen this early in a pregnancy. Baby is measuring 9 weeks, so I've received my fourth due date of Oct. 14th. Heart rate was 143 last week and 178 this week. Dr. said the baby aspirin should be all I need and that he hopes to not see me back! Praise God!

Not sure baby liked being poked and prodded with the camera. Baby wiggled and waved an arm at us here.

The specialist took 3-D ultrasound pictures, too. We were sent home with about six new pictures, plus a CD containing more. We would like to go back to this doctor just to see these cool pics again. It'll be so hard to wait another 11 weeks to see baby again!