Thursday, May 5, 2011


I really need to find time to tell you what we are up to! Here's a short list:

  • Boys started baseball....enough said!

  • However, Gman is pitching this year!

  • Audrey started rolling on a Thursday and by Monday was trying to get into a crawling position!

  • Audrey isn't sleeping 10-12 hours a night like I bragged about forever. She hasn't slept through the night since she started rolling three weeks ago. I wasn't sure if it was allergies, teeth, hunger, growing pains, after two weeks we went to the doctor. NOTHING wrong with her! We have thus begun to cry it out! I.WANT.TO.CRY!

  • Audrey started blowing raspberries this week. The boys love it!

  • I have too many projects going on at school to even begin to tell you about!

  • Jim is again attempting to coach both baseball teams...ugh! I love that he is active in boys' lives, but I feel like we are constantly running in different directions.

  • Ryan was home and Audrey fell in love just like the boys. He deploys at the end of the month.

I promise to catch up and post pics soon!