Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Jim & I took a much needed weekend & headed to Galena last Friday night. Miss A stayed w/Grammy & the boys were with their mom.

Out view from our hotel balcony was so peaceful Saturday morning.

We headed downtown to explore the shops, before checking out a wine tasting. This event was HUGE! There were 45 vendors that had 8 or so wines for you to sample. Some also had beer or hard alcohol. Good thing there was food to munch on!

Jim loves sushi, but I have never been willing to try it. Is there a better time than on vacation? We went to Little Tokyo & I ordered a cooked roll. It was surprisingly very good!

Like every down time, we came home to a house full of laundry & no food. I was trying to pay bills when Jim got a call that Gavin had been hit in the head w/a metal bat & he needed to meet Gavin & his mom at the hospital in her town. I'm not good at waiting,but probably wouldn't handle the blood well, either. Gavin is a trooper! Two stitches & a headache coming right up! Did I mention baseball starts Sunday? Ugh!