Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four months old!

Audrey went for her four month well check last Thursday. It turned out to be a snow day, so Mommy didn't miss work.
This big girl weighs 15# and is 25 1/2 inches long!

She is eating 27 oz. of formula a day w/ cereal in her bottle twice a day.

Audrey is an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. sleeper at night, generally sleeping 10-11 hours!
(Still using the swaddler)
Naps during the day are a different story, though. She will only nap if held...

Audrey is wearing 3-6mths and 6mth clothes. She is currently wearing a size1-2 diaper.

Mommy thinks she is going to be a Daddy's girl because she smiles at him constantly! She does love smiling at her brothers, too....gotta be center of attention!

Audrey has laughed a handful of times. The first time was in church while everyone was praying. Daddy made a face at her and she laughed really loud. She has also laughed at Bailey & at an older gentleman at her cousin Makailee's birthday. We can't wait til she does it all the time!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big girl!

These pictures are actually from over our long winter break, but Audrey is sleeping in my arms so I'm trying to get caught up on posts!

Audrey is really wanting to sit up, so we introduced the bumbo seat. She doesn't want to miss a thing! Here is our big girl!

Please don't think I only let Gavin play video games! However, it was very cold out and we were kinda stuck inside. It's hard having a lazy teenager, a baby who needs a nap & feeding schedule, and then Gavin. Nothing really keeps his attention for long. We will need to be creative this summer!


Audrey is 4 months old! She has been watching us intently as we eat, so we decided to try cereal w/a spoon. I made the mistake of trying it first when she was crabby & that didn't work. She is getting more receptive. On this day, we got about half of the amount down before she refused & started screaming. I have a video, too, if I can figure out how to upload it.Brother had to sneak into picture!

Mommy, what is this stuff?!