Thursday, August 20, 2009

New house...

Here are pictures of the new house...painting done, but decorating and landscaping not! I have so many wants still, but we will be here a LONG time. The neighborhood is SOOOOOOOOOOOO quiet and the boys have already made friends. Our last area didn't have many kids. It is strange now to not have to check on the boys and or break up fights all day long....
Sorry, not much comentary on the pics...grad class starts in few hours and the hubby is working late.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh boy...

...not so sure about this!

A couple of posts back I mentioned that I have to go back to school in order to become certified in Library Science to keep my position as a Library and Media Specialist....yuck! I've already done the going back to school thing as I already have one master's degree.

I really should quit the complaining...I'm just nervous. At ISU, the online courses are done through Elluminate. This means that I will login to a site every Thursday and wear a headset with a microphone to communicate with my classmates and professor for three hours. I will literally be sitting in a class, just in my own home....looking like this...

Research and Information I come...READY OR NOT!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chiefs game...

B's baseball coach took the whole team to last Thursday night's Chiefs game. Although we were disappointed to miss Ted Lilly's rehab start by one night, it was still a cool experience for B. I can't get my blackberry video to upload to my computer at the moment, but B's team got to go down on the field, have their names announced along with the Chief's player who played that position, and run out onto the field with them. They stood next to the player through the National Anthem and then the player signed a ball that the players received from the Chiefs. The player that autographed B's ball hit two home runs during the game! After the game, everyone in the family was given a pass to run the bases. The hubby and I passed, but Gman thought this was awesome as he led EVERYONE around the field!

We really couldn't have asked for a better coach for B this year! He was patient, yet firm and taught B so much. Thanks, Coach John!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend...maybe even a week...recap

Life has been busy! My MIL took the boys camping last week so that I could get some work done at school. I thought that I would get all my books in the system so that I could spend these last two weeks with my boys.
I had the best intentions...then found out I was locked out of both schools!
One school is just now laying tile after removing asbestos and we are not supposed to even try to walk on the tile until next MONDAY. Do they realize school starts next Friday?
The other school is where I had summer school. The janitor there is WONDERFUL and does a great job of cleaning! He wants us to stay out until tomorrow. I really don't know when I'll go in and work now....OH, WELL!
I decided to redo our bedroom instead...I promise pictures of our new house to come soon!

This weekend, I went shopping with mom in Chicago because we had a wedding shower to attend on Sunday. I LOVE this store!

I really wished at that point I would have dragged my hubby along. There were so many items I wanted to buy for my boys' rooms. Told him that we are making a weekend trip back up there soon!

When I got home, I got to work right away on my new business! Some might know that I already sell Tastefully Simple, but these books kept calling my name. I buy them as gifts, use them in my classrooms and libraries, and have even thrown a baby shower where the expecting mama got all the new books. Hello...I might as well sell them if not only for the discount! Check out my new website at!

I am also officially a REDBIRD! I applied back in June to ISU to get another master's degree. I really didn't see myself continuing to another degree, but I do like the potential my library job has once I get past the tedious details. So I'm headed back to get my master's in school librarianship.
I'm a little nervous...when I completed my last degree...I was not a full-time stepmom! I registered for my class today. Can someone please tell me how I can take an internet class that meets from 5:30-8:20 every Thursday night? I have a feeling I'm going to have to lock the bedroom door just to attend class....

As you can's bedtime around here! I really wanna know what Payton is thinking right now as she has one eye open....goodnight!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm very tired as I write this, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors! I've been up since two a.m.! My brother, Ryan, had to be at the airport early this morning to head back to Iraq.

I slept over at my mom's so that I didn't wake my hubby up (and so that I would be on time!). When I got there last night, Ryan was just starting his laundry and packing...he suggested we pull an all-nighter! He gets to sleep on planes for the next two days...we don't!

Ryan was home on R&R for the past two weeks. He has only been in Iraq for three months, but he doesn't have a family and was nominated to take his leave first. Saying goodbye has never been really hard for me with Ryan because he really hasn't been home since he left for college. He went to Northern and worked up there the last two summers he was there. After graduation, he went straight to basic bootcamp and has been all army ever since. He is currently a warrant officer and flies blackhawk helicopters. Ryan's brigade is more like a shuttle service in Iraq. I'm not worried about him, but he will not be home again for nine (a very LONG nine) more months.

Ryan was ready to get back and start flying, get back into his routine. I do wish he could be closer, my boys and I love "Uncle" Ryan!