Friday, June 1, 2012

Not a baby anymore!

I am enjoying being home w/the kiddos this first week of summer! We, like always, have had baseball every night, but have already worked in yard, went to the zoo, signed up for the reading program & conquered a nap routine! I am excited, yet sad that my little girl is growing up. Audrey started to tell us that she pooped. We would check & she hadn't, but 5 min later, she would! So we bought a potty seat. It, of course, turned into a toy, but we've been putting her in it whenever we would normally change her diaper & she has gone twice! Audrey gets so excited when we cheer her on!

Not sure Gavin realizes that his shadow wants to do everything he does! Sometimes he is a GREAT big brother & other times.... Well... Boys will be boys....