Monday, March 23, 2009

A day in my life...will it ever end?

I've been absent for awhile and thought I'd let you all in on my schedule so you understand why.

5:30 Alarm goes off (hit snooze five or six times),
Get up and feed the dog and cats, eat breakfast, catch the weather on the six o'clock news.
6:15 Have to be in the shower by then or my man is not happy because he needs to shower and be out of the house by 7:15
6:45 Get B up and in the shower
7:00 Make sure Gman is up and getting dressed (not messing with the dog, cats, or anything else for that matter!)
Somewhere in here make sure everybody is ready to go out the door (including me!)
7:30 Head out the door to take boys to school, then head to my school
8:20-1:45 classes at one school
2:00 Head to the next school
3:30 Head to the boys' school to pick up Gman
4 or 4:30 Pick up B from tutoring
Homework, dinner, bath for Gman, walk dog, get my school work done, and clean up the house

I have been absolutely exhausted! I feel like the running never ends and to top it all off Gman has NOT been behaving. This sweet child has been cursing at school, being impulsive on the playground, and VERY disrespectful to his teacher. He told his teacher last week that if he acts up enough Dad and I would send him back to live with the puppetmaster. I don't think so, buddy! I have family reading night that I'm in charge of tomorrow night and have to work the book fair Thursday night. All I really wanna do is drink! I love baseball season, but can you imagine how much more that is going to add???!!!


Kate said...

Hi Kelly! You sound as busy as I am!! We are in the process of moving... should be complete around Easter.

Hang in there with all those boys, It's a long hard road but I know you can do it!

Librarian or Teacher said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! Sounds like you are very very busy. I would love to be able to do both. I know that whichever I end up doing I want to work with children.