Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chiefs game...

B's baseball coach took the whole team to last Thursday night's Chiefs game. Although we were disappointed to miss Ted Lilly's rehab start by one night, it was still a cool experience for B. I can't get my blackberry video to upload to my computer at the moment, but B's team got to go down on the field, have their names announced along with the Chief's player who played that position, and run out onto the field with them. They stood next to the player through the National Anthem and then the player signed a ball that the players received from the Chiefs. The player that autographed B's ball hit two home runs during the game! After the game, everyone in the family was given a pass to run the bases. The hubby and I passed, but Gman thought this was awesome as he led EVERYONE around the field!

We really couldn't have asked for a better coach for B this year! He was patient, yet firm and taught B so much. Thanks, Coach John!

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