Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm very tired as I write this, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors! I've been up since two a.m.! My brother, Ryan, had to be at the airport early this morning to head back to Iraq.

I slept over at my mom's so that I didn't wake my hubby up (and so that I would be on time!). When I got there last night, Ryan was just starting his laundry and packing...he suggested we pull an all-nighter! He gets to sleep on planes for the next two days...we don't!

Ryan was home on R&R for the past two weeks. He has only been in Iraq for three months, but he doesn't have a family and was nominated to take his leave first. Saying goodbye has never been really hard for me with Ryan because he really hasn't been home since he left for college. He went to Northern and worked up there the last two summers he was there. After graduation, he went straight to basic bootcamp and has been all army ever since. He is currently a warrant officer and flies blackhawk helicopters. Ryan's brigade is more like a shuttle service in Iraq. I'm not worried about him, but he will not be home again for nine (a very LONG nine) more months.

Ryan was ready to get back and start flying, get back into his routine. I do wish he could be closer, my boys and I love "Uncle" Ryan!

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