Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

I'm catching up! Only 2 more posts to catch you up on the Sturgis' lives!

Christmas was fun this year! I will be the first to admit that when you come from a divorced family and have to share children in a divorced family that sometimes Christmas can seem to drag on forever and we usually get overwhelmed and very cranky. It was sad not to see some family this year due to illness, but was very nice to keep it low key!

We started our Christmas with my Dad, Vicki, stepbrothers, & families on the 23rd.

Audrey noticed that she had a cousin about two weeks before this and it was fun to see her interact with Cooper (watch out next Christmas, these two will be walking!)

The boys went to their mom's Christmas Eve, but came home that night to wake up Christmas morning with us for the first time. We opened gifts at my mom's Christmas Eve and then we (Jim) cooked a turkey and we had Christmas dinner at our house the next day. I guess that means I'm growing up if I actually host dinner, huh?

Gavin got his Kinnect. Can you tell that he was excited?

Bailey is at the age where he really only wants video games. He received a basketball hoop and can't wait for warmer weather for it to go up.

We feel very blessed on this holiday!

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