Monday, December 29, 2008

Our story...

So everyone is sleeping in my house, including the animals, but not me. Not sleepy...what am I going to do next week when break is over? Thought since the computer was free, I'd tell our story...

My man and I met four years ago after I had a dream about him. Now I know you're thinking, whoa, dream up the perfect guy??? We had a mutual friend, Jon. He saw my friend Amber and I out one night and decided to lecture me on the guys I had been "dating". Jon kept mentioning my man and how was making the same mistakes I was. Well, that night I had a dream that Amber and Jon tried to hook us up (you should know now that I have lots of dreams and random parts do come true periodically). Long story made short...I told Amber, who told Jon, who told my man. Thus, we met and started dating.

My man told me he had been hurt too much. He was never going to tell another girl he loved her, get married, and he was done having kids. Two months later he said I love you. Shortly thereafter, we were talking about the future. What if we were to live together? We both kinda freaked (me more so when he suddenly became distant) and he broke up with me after dating for six months. He dated someone else right away and I took time to be independent. It was a good summer for me. I needed to know that I could be by myself and be happy with it.

Two months later, we got back together. After nine months, we decided to buy a house together. As soon as we put in an offer, his ex-wife, the puppet master asked him to take custody of his kids because she couldn't handle them. Whoa! Moving in together and now the kids! Lots of adjustments, but we made it work. We gave her two months to decide if this is what she wanted and she said yes. My man and I got engaged in February of 2007 and things were going great. We were a family. In July the puppet master lost her job, got angry at us for saying no to her for the first time when she wanted the boys because we already had plans, and demanded them back. This was devastating! There was nothing we could do because we hadn't gone to court to change the custody due to money and she insisted this was what she wanted!

My man and I didn't know how to be just us. We had only known how to be us with raising the boys. Lots of adjusting, but it made us stronger and we had a wedding to plan.

We got married in May of 2008, with bombs being dropped soon after. My man left his job because he didn't agree with his boss and the puppet master decided once again that she didn't want custody of the boys. God works in mysterious ways because if my man had been working, we wouldn't have been able to take the boys because I was working, too. Who finds daycare last second? We learned from past mistakes and went to see a lawyer. Of course, this lawyer did nothing for us! My man started his new job in August and he loves the people he works with. We waited three months and then went to a second lawyer. He had the whole thing done in four weeks! The puppet master signed off and really only gets the boys every other weekend. We're a blended family that has ups and downs, but I know we're solid as a rock after all the challenges we've been through in the last four years. We're in the process of finding a counselor for the boys. Anybody that has any advice on how to be a stepmom that actually has to do all the things a mom should do, please feel free to comment!

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