Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We left the hospital thinking that our perfect daughter was just that...perfect! However, when we went to the doctor on Monday, she said that word...jaundice.

We were sent next door to the hospital for a blood draw.
I'm very thankful that hubby was with me that first day (I had already had my first emotional breakdown on Saturday) because he held Audrey while they drew blood from her heel. She screamed!!! In fact, the receptionist made a comment that she heard her by the front door! We then headed home to wait for the results. Her levels had doubled since we left the hospital on Friday. Doctor said to feed her every two ounces every two hours, put her in the sunlight, keep track of all diapers, and return to the hospital for a blood draw the next day. I have to admit I was a mess that night! Worried that something was going to be seriously wrong and that I didn't do enough that first weekend to protect her.

The next day, the nurse who drew Audrey's blood was awesome. In fact, after the initial poke, Audrey went back to sleep. Her levels were slightly lower, so we were instructed to continue the sun, feedings, and diaper details.

One week later, we returned to the doctor. Hubby was at work, so my mom went with me. Doctor thought Audrey was still jaundice so we headed next door. I was praying this was the last time for that dreaded blood draw. My prayers were answered! Her levels were much lower and we didn't have to return to the doctor for three weeks.

Here is our little sunbather!

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