Monday, December 13, 2010

Lots of visitors...

The doctors actually released both Audrey and myself a day early. I wanted to come home because the boys were going to their mom's and it would give us a chance to settle in before the boys came back home on Sunday night. My wonderful mother-in-law stayed with us Friday night. However, she was so busy cleaning and doing my laundry that I didn't get to visit with her much.

I'm as horrible at taking pictures as I am of printing them, but we did have lots of visitors in the hospital. All the grandparents were there to meet Audrey as soon as they were allowed in. Tim, Chelsea, & Cooper stopped by early in the day. Betty and Mary came by later.

Since we left early, we had a houseful that night. My Dad and Stepmom were there. Todd & Jill came by, along with Kristie Spencer. It was nice to see so many people.
Cousin Makailee is surrounded by babies as her little brother Cooper is two months older and she will be getting a little sister in March.
Great Grandma Trant was there bright and early Saturday.
My Godparents, Joe & Sue, made a special trip to Galesburg to meet Audrey.
Audrey's other visitors included all the Spencers, Sandi, Tanya & Samuel, and Mary & Reese. She is loved so much already as so many other people sent or dropped off gifts.

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