Sunday, December 12, 2010

Labor...or what I remember of it...

Audrey entered this world pretty quickly. Of course, I was uncomfortable and ready for her to come long before she did. I had some weird symptoms on Sunday, but felt better towards the end of the day. However, I started spotting and decided to call the hospital. They said to come in to get checked out. I knew I wasn't staying, but it was a trial run for us. We got home from the hospital around midnight that night. Poor hubby had to work all the next day while I got to start my half days. I came home and took a long nap!

I had my weekly appointment on Wednesday. When I had finally sat down around noon, I noticed that my contractions seemed to be pretty regular. They were coming every 7 minutes. However, at my appointment at 2:45, I was only a two. She said to go to the hospital when my contractions were every three.

My evening went pretty normal, except for the contractions which started going irregular. I picked up Gman and helped the boys with homework. Hubby made dinner while I walked the dog, did the dishes, and vaccummed. After the boys went to bed, I decided to take a bath because some people said it would help ease the discomfort of the contractions. Nope! They lied! I was in extreme pain by the time I got out. My contractions were regular again and this time they were every three minutes! I laid on the couch for awhile longer, but then told the hubby to call my mom to stay with the boys because we were going to the hospital!

After getting all set in the hospital, the nurse came in and said I had two options. I was still only a 2. I could go home or take a sleeping pill. She said if I was truly in labor, the sleeping pill would do nothing, but if I wasn't in labor then everything would stop. I just wanted the pain to go away (EXTREME back labor) and thus took the sleeping pill. Forty-five minutes later, I was a 4 and was admitted. I opted for an IV med first, and shortly after that my water broke. At this point, the IV med was doing nothing for my back labor. I decided to have an epideral and all my pain was instantly gone. My midwife appeared early and told me to get some rest, that she thought it would be awhile. My family filtered in and then disappeared. I started pushing after ten. They called the midwife three times and told me I had to stop pushing until she arrived. I remember being in a good mood and joking with my hubby at this point. Finally, the midwife appeared and Audrey was born. We hadn't even been in the hospital for twelve hours yet! It all happened rather quickly and painlessly (once I got my epideral)!

Her big brothers came to the hospital after school and were very excited to see their new sister!

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