Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Times...they are achanging!

Christmas was very different this year. First off, my brother wasn't home. He is in Iraq until April. The puppetmaster wanted the boys more this break, which is good for them, but threw off some of our plans. Christmas in our house is normally very hectic with lots of family in short amout of time. This year was very laid back. It was relaxing, but was stretched out which wasn't exactly a good thing.
I was expecting my mom to be a basketcase with my brother gone, but she was fine. My Grandma, on the other hand, caught me completely off guard. I made both my Grandma and step-Grandma a set of glass ornaments with all the last names in their family. My step-Grandfather hasn't been gone a year and my Grandfather has been gone 25 years. My step-Grandma seems to be doing quite well, but my Grandma got very upset when I gave her my gift. It was very dramatic, but ended well.

Christmas at her house was another big change, too. She moved this summer and does not have room for all of us. She rented out the community room in the basement. There is a bar, tv, couches, etc. there. It actually was a nice fit for us. Grandma tended bar for a little bit as she dished out the whiskey slush. There was a Wii to keep the big kids entertained and room for the little ones to run and not break anything of Grandma's.

Times...they are changing, which I don't always adapt well to, but good memories were made.....

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