Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet dreams...

As I was scanning blogs before bed last night, I came upon a post titled, "Trust Him for Tomorrow." I quickly clicked on it and read parts of the sermon that this couple had heard in their church last weekend. If I knew more how to give credit to this author, I would. I went to House of Rose and then to EJ &Roo. Anyhow, I read these five points and then went to bed peacefully after a very rough day. My day had gotten worse as I went to the nursing home to see my stepgrandfather. I hadn't been there in a week and was upset by how much he had changed since I was there last with my man. However, these words comforted me beyond measure as I prayed for peace.

1. We WILL face challenges. Sometimes God asks us to endure challenges to get us to a place where he can do future things.
2. We WILL make mistakes.
3. Our work for God will outlive us.
4. God does not always work according to our timeline. We must obey him today and trust him for tomorrow.
5. We will have to make sacrifices. Sometimes God asks us to sacrifice the things we love because he has a plan for us that we'll love more.

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