Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Bee...Lots of Projects

I feel that today has been successful! I came home from church with a mission, to get busy organizing this house!

After lunch, I started in on one closet upstairs. We have four closets that are the same size. They are very deep, but not useful because they follow the roof line of our house. I feel like I have made good use of the space in this one, but it always looks like a tornado has gone through it because of little man.

After two hours of sorting stuff, I felt like I had made good progress. I even made a crucial decision! I know that I'm never going to get caught up on the boys' scrapbooks. I started one of my relationship with my man before we moved in together, but then once I became an "instant" mommy I never got back to it. Don't get me wrong...I have saved every precious thing they have brought home from school and have a TON of pictures on my flash drive, but will never get them into albums! I decided I'm going to go get a box for each boy and just sort their stuff that way. It will still be special and I still want to do something with all the pictures, but this way I'll be more organized.

Next, I went through all of B's clothes. I had him honestly tell me if he liked each piece. The boy who always tells me that he has nothing to wear looked me in the eyes today and said, I just wear whatever is on top. Okay, then! I was able to get my hands on the clothes that I feel are way too big on him and put them in storage. We also tried on all his shorts to see what we need for the summer. Conclusion....this boy may have more clothes than me!

After dinner with my mom and brother, I came home and started in on the wallpaper in Gman's room. Here is the before picture.

This wallpaper looked cute with the green walls and wood floor when we moved in. However, I love to have the blinds open and the sun just pours in Gman's room most of the day, fading the border over time. I successfully took it off one wall without scratching any paint off!

Hopefully, tomorrow I can tackle two more closets and the rest of Gman's room. I'm hoping to send the boys outside sun or snow because spring break has just begun and they are already driving me crazy!

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