Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Lil Bro...All Grown Up

It hit me tonight like a ton of bricks!
My little brother is all grown up! Sigh...

He is home for two weeks. The day after Easter my mother will drive him home to Texas where she will help him pack up his apartment to put his belongings in storage. Yes, my brother deploys for Iraq in less than a month.

I'm sad, but I'm so proud! My annoying little brother who once sprayed bug spray in my eyes at the drug store has turned into an awesome little brother, a great uncle, and someone that I know I can always count on. There are times that I wish we were closer. We are not the kind to regularly chat on the phone or even say I love you. However, watching him tonight with my stepsons made me realize how much I miss having him around more. I know that the Lord is watching over him and will bring him home safe.

We salute you, little Brother!

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Kate said...

Tell him not to fly faster than his angel! We are all proud and praying!