Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spoken like a true librarian...

Have you read Twilight? If not, go get it now! I did not understand what all the craziness was about this summer when the fourth book came out. When the movie came out, shows were sold out. A friend lent me her copy at the beginning of spring break and now I understand.

Stephenie Meyer has written this book in a way that just leaves you hanging on, craving more (in fact, I sat and read the majority of this book for four hours straight). The sexual tension is so thick it's surprising because there is NO sex in this book. I found myself cheering for Bella and Edward early on in the plot.

Finished the book, thought I'd rent the movie. I was SOOOOOO disappointed and lost interested about 20 minutes into it. I hung in there and liked the drama and special effects at the end, but it doesn't do the book justice at all!
I can't wait to get my hands on New Moon!

Moral: Books will always be better than the movies!

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