Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big news!

I guess it's safe to say that the cat is out of the bag! We had a big surprise a few weeks ago and found out we are expecting! I was weary about putting the news out there at first because I wanted to make sure things were going to be okay. However, I guess the more people that know means there are that many more people praying for us!

It's been a rollar coaster the last few weeks! The boys were actually here the weekend I decided to take a test. Luckily, I found a few minutes where no one would barge into the bathroom. The second line was faint, but it was there! I ran upstairs and asked my man what we were going to do. He just smiled. I took another one the next morning first thing. It was the same faint second line. I decided to go get the test that said yes or no. My man insisted on being in the bathroom, but I was able to kick him out while I at least peed on the stick! He stood there holding it and a full minute hadn't gone by before he said, "yep!" I was in shock! I do have to admit that I took the fourth test the next morning...just to see.

On Monday, I called my doctor because since I stopped taking my medicine, my asthma had fired up. I went in to see her and she assured me that my meds were ok. She sent me the blood test and urine test results in the mail with a note attached, "Yep, very pregnant!" Judging by the first day of my last cycle, I thought I was about six weeks along. I started freaking out! I'm not much of a drinker, but I probably drank more in December than in the last two years combined! Everyone says not to worry, but I think my stress level just kicked into overdrive!

I had to wait three weeks until I could get into my new OB/Gyn. We ended up telling the boys because they were worried why I had to get a blood test. Some teachers had taken it upon themselves to discuss it at school and I really didn't want the boys to overhear it from them, either. They were not excited at first and I truly think they are more worried than anything. Things went downhill with the puppet master when she had her last child and that is when we took the boys in with us. Gman has told everyone at school that he is very excited, and B asks lots of questions. They want a girl, I just want healthy!

I was able to go to the doctor yesterday and was a little disappointed. I thought that I was maybe nine weeks along and would get my first sonogram picture. The midwife saw the sac and yolk sac. She said everything looks good, but she thinks I'm just six weeks along. I go back in two weeks.

The symptoms went into overdrive this week! I'm so tired and the nausea kicked in Tuesday. By the time we get home, get through homework and dinner, I'm beat. I realized Friday at about 3 o'clock that I missed a meeting at church Wednesday night! Today was my stepbrother's wedding though, and I really felt pretty good. My man laughed at me as I struggled to stay away on the way to Peoria, and I only felt slightly sick while waiting on pictures. It was a gorgeous wedding, but that will be tomorrow's post....

I promise to post more often. They will also be shorter in length! :)

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